Rallying with Crystal Balls

Tennis Week asked some of America’s top coaches what’s ahead.

Ed Krass, whose College Tennis Exposure Camps have prepared high school players for the next level since 1989, sees a need to bring the past into the future. You can hear his dedication to the mission of improving serve and volley skills when talking about his “one-on-One doubles championships,” money tournaments requiring players to serve and volley, and playing “cross-court” tennis.

Kids need to “slow things down and take notes of the right techniques and strategies,” says Krass. Too many injuries come from poor technique and players worried only about how hard, not how well, the ball can be hit. Unless coaches correctly teach technique — the right open stance to allow for “natural” hip rotation, for example — players will be killed off before age 35.

Krass’s vision of the future: “It is kind of ridiculous to go back to the old technology, but we can return to some of the ideas from the old court game.”

This is an except from the December 2003/January 2004 issue of Tennis Week magazine. The full story can be read on page 63 of the magazine.